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Home-based, single-point-of-contact health care.

Need a hand? We’ve got one (several, actually).

Everyone wants to navigate life’s twists and turns with confidence and freedom—and no one wants to go it alone.

That’s why at A-1, we operate as an independent community of empathetic supported living pros who provide simple, single-point-of-contact care. Your go-to aide and dedicated support team will offer you and your loved ones better care so you can live a better life.

See if home-based care is right for you.

Let’s work together.

Working hand-in-hand, we lift each other up. We find common ground and greater purpose. And together, we create brighter futures, better jobs, and stronger bonds—for everyone.

Sound like a team you want to be a part of? Let’s make it happen. Explore opportunities that will enrich your career and life.

How can we serve you?

We’re here, ready to serve you and your family. Whether you need support for developmental disabilities, long-term home health care, or training on how to own your loved one’s journey, we’ll find the right mix of services to help simplify your life.

Developmental Disabilities Support

Our go-to caregivers are always working for you.

Long-Term Home Health Care

Get comprehensive care in the comfort of home.

Caregiver Training & Certifications

Empower your future in home-based health care.

Looking for next steps? Look no further.

We’re here for you and your family 24/7, ready with answers, encouragement, and practical support.